Yup, this is Chris. 
Christopher Büers.
Yes, his last name has both ü AND e.
Hence the logo.
It's a happy face that includes the letters Ü + E.

Wait, is introducing yourself in the third-person still a thing?

Chris is a lot, really.
He is half German and half French.
He is the father of two angels.
He is a Techno DJ and skateboarding legend.
He also is (and that's why you're reading this)
a top-notch Creative Director with both Art Direction
and Copywriting skills.

But but but does he…?
- Yes, he has a proven track record of leading creatives
(and his own kids who are also pretty creative)

Okay, but can he really…?
- Oh yes, he can develop AND execute
creative concepts on a very decent level!

But I bet he didn't win…!
- Awards? Not that it's top priority, but as you're asking:
Cannes Golds, Eurobest Grand Prix, One Show, D&AD you name it.

Sorry, I have to go – please leave a message via the Contact form.

À bientôt!
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